Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bloom's oddities

Some random observations on Bloom's book:

  • 1994 Esquire article "278 books you should have read by now" included just the USA/ChaoticAge choices
  • he accidentally omits Freud from the long list
  • he shortchanges modern British fiction
  • his fiction choices would be wholly uncontroversial to the editors of the New York Times Book Review (ie, timid/safe)
  • the long list seems hastily patchworked from multiple sources
  • he claims not to have bowed to political correctness/affirmative action, but the list says different


Jorn said...

His readings of Ulysses and Finnegans Wake seem entirely secondhand, molded by other critics.

Will Conley said...

I just think it's fascinating that I found the "first blogger". Will Conley was here.