Friday, July 6, 2007

Jorn Barger

[Wikipedia] b.1953 [personal canon]

Robot Wisdom: a journal of cybernetic psychology #1 (1979 serial)
I am the world (1980 comic strip)
Of the hand in the heart of the mind (1980 poem)
Brainfeathers (1980-1984 poem)
Antimath: an alphabet of emotions (1980-1998 comics)
James Joyce and artificial intelligence (1985 criticism)
Forethought #1 (1986 serial)
Solace: a textbook of romantic psychology (1987-1988 nonfiction)
Eve Chose to Know (1988 serial)
FWAKE-L digest (1992 criticism)
Was: Barger@ILS: memoirs of an AI hacker (1993 autobiography)
Ascii art FAQ (1993 nonfiction)
John Dee's Holua expedition (1993 story)
Bill Bixby haiku (1993 poems)
Keepers #1 (1994 serial)
Thomas Pynchon FAQ (1994 nonfiction)
"His year made up of anniversaries" a Joycean book of days (1994 nonfiction)
Outsider's Guide to AI (1994-1999 nonfiction)
Ascii maps (1995 design experiment)
Hypertext Unabomber manifesto (1996 design experiment)
Electronic text (alt.etext) FAQ (1997 nonfiction)
Robot Wisdom newsgroup finder (1997 reference)
Robot Wisdom Weblog (1997-present serial)
Net.literate (the smarter portal) (1998 design experiment)
IQ Infinity: the unknown James Joyce (1999-2005 criticism)

New Game digests (1996-2000 criticism)
Online shorter Finnegans Wake (1999 criticism)
Internet Ulysses (2000-2001 criticism)
James Joyce's Dedalus years (2000-2001 biography)
Animated Wandering Rocks (2001 criticism)
Annotated Stephen Hero (2001 criticism)
Dublin literary gossip (2001 history)
James Joyce's Old/New Testaments (2002 criticism)
50 Joycean conjectures (2005-2007 criticism)

Histories of jazz and rock (2000 design experiments)
Judaism timeline (2001-2002 history)
Historical Jesus FAQ (2002 history)
Timelines of Greece and Rome with etexts (2002 design experiment)
The Internet Hamlet (2002 design experiment)
Gothtown's Night of Woe (2002 pun)
Timeline of GNU/Linux and Unix (2002 history)
Le seul mot juste: Flaubert resources (2002 criticism)
Timeline of knowledge representation (2002-2003 history of ideas)
Verlaine's "Clair de lune" (2003 translation)
Logarithmic timeline of the universe (2003-2005 history)
Fish-math (2004 comics)
The Octaves of Light (2005 visualisation experiment)
20 miscellaneous conjectures (2005 nonfiction)
Robot Wisdom flickrblog (2006 design experiment)
Warum ich so weise bin: neologisms (2007 reference)
The Barger Canon (2007 criticism)
Canon 2.0 (2007 website)

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