Friday, July 6, 2007

William Kennedy

[Wikipedia] b.1928

The Ink Truck (1984)
Legs (1983) (Bloom)
Billy Phelan's Greatest Game (1978) (Bloom)
Ironweed (1983) (Bloom, MLb-92, Madison-86, Friendswood-135)
Quinn's Book (1988) (Bloom)
Very Old Bones (1992) (Bloom)
The Flaming Corsage (1996) (Bloom)
Roscoe (2002)
O Albany! (1983 nonfiction)
The Making of Ironweed (1988 nonfiction)
Riding the Yellow Trolley Car (1993 nonfiction)
Grand View (1996 play)
In the System (2003 play)
Charlie Malarkey and the Belly Button Machine (1986 kids)
Charlie Malarkey and the Singing Moose (1994 kids)

(Bloom includes 'Ironweed' redundantly with the full Albany Cycle.)

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