Monday, July 2, 2007

Nevil Shute

[Wikipedia] b.1899

Stephen Morris (1923/1961)
Marazan (1926)
So Disdained (1928)
Lonely Road (1932)
Ruined City (1938) (aka Kindling)
What Happened to the Corbetts (1939) (aka Ordeal)
An Old Captivity (1940) (aka Vinland the Good)
Landfall: A Channel Story (1940)
Pied Piper (1942)
Most Secret (1942)
Pastoral (1944)
The Chequer Board (1947)
No Highway (1948) (Burgess)
A Town Like Alice (1950) (aka The Legacy) (BBC-37, MLr-17, Utah-89, JoCo, Ukaunz-470)
Round the Bend (1951)
The Far Country (1952)
In the Wet (1953)
Slide Rule: Autobiography of an Engineer (1954 autobiography)
Requiem for a Wren (1955) (aka The Breaking Wave)
Beyond the Black Stump (1956)
On the Beach (1957) (MLr-56)
The Rainbow and the Rose (1958)
Trustee from the Toolroom (1960) (MLr-27)

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