Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vance Bourjaily

[no Wikipedia] b.1922

The End of My Life (1947)
The Hound of Earth (1955)
The Violated (1958)
Confessions of a Spent Youth (1960)
The Unnatural Enemy (1963 nonfiction)
The Man Who Knew Kennedy (1967)
$4000 (1969 libretto)
Brill Among the Ruins (1970)
Country Matters: Collected Reports from the Fields and Streams of Iowa and Other Places (1973 essays)
Now Playing at Canterbury (1976) (Barger)
A Game Men Play (1980)
The Great Fake Book (1987)
Old Soldier (1990)
Fishing by Mail: The Outdoor Life of a Father and Son (1993 autobiography)

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