Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Iris Murdoch

[Wikipedia] b.1919, Great Britain

Sartre: Romantic Rationalist (1953 philosophy)
Under the Net (1954) (MLb-95, Kunde-190, Time, Sullivan)
The Flight from the Enchanter (1956) (Barger)
The Sandcastle (1957)
The Bell (1958) (Burgess, sSmith)
A Severed Head (1961)
An Unofficial Rose (1962)
The Unicorn (1963)
The Italian Girl (1964)
A Severed Head (with J.B. Priestley, 1964 play)
The Red and the Green (1965)
The Time of the Angels (1966)
The Nice and the Good (1968) (Mesler2)
Bruno's Dream (1969) (Bloom)
The Italian Girl (with James Saunders, 1969 play)
A Fairly Honourable Defeat (1970)
The Sovereignty of Good (1970 philosophy)
An Accidental Man (1971)
The Black Prince (1973) (Barger-17, Montana-49, Mesler-91, Ukaunz-348, cPunch)
The Three Arrows & The Servants and the Snow (1973 play)
The Sacred and Profane Love Machine (1974)
A Word Child (1975) (Barger-13)
Henry and Cato (1976)
The Fire and the Sun (1977 philosophy)
The Sea, the Sea (1978) (Smiley, Barger, Montana-98, Ukaunz-305)
A Year of Birds (1978 poems)
Nuns and Soldiers (1980) (Mesler-54, Barger)
The Servants (1980 play)
The Philosopher's Pupil (1983) (Mesler-9)
The Good Apprentice (1985) (Bloom)
Acastos: Two Platonic Dialogues (1986 philosophy)
The Black Prince (1987 play)
The Book and the Brotherhood (1987)
The Message to the Planet (1989)
Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals (1992 philosophy)
The Green Knight (1993)
Jackson's Dilemma (1995)
Existentialists and Mystics (1997 philosophy)
Poems by Iris Murdoch (1997 poems)

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Jorn said...

Bloom's choices seem random-- Murdoch's quality is so uniform that all 26 novels could be included.