Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Joseph Heller

[Wikipedia] b.1923, USA

Catch 22 (1961) (Urich-1, Friendswood-2, Kunde-3, Waterstones-5, Koen-5, Hitchers-6, MLb-7, bPyramid-7, LJ-10, BBC-11, MLr-12, Madison-14, Northport-14, Radcliffe-15, Piegirl-18, Utah-29, Barger-37, BOMC, BPL, Burgess, Burt, Time, HungryMind, Funsten, NYPubLib, Raftery, Observer, Inspirica, JoCo, cPunch, Sullivan, Logos, Cannon, Barron, Gioia2, Froggie69, sSmith, Montana-77, Winalotta-84, OCLC-160, Ukaunz-451)
We Bombed in New Haven (1967 play)
Catch 22 (1971 play)
Clevinger's Trial (1973 play)
Something Happened (1974) (Mesler-13)
Good as Gold (1979) (cPunch)
God Knows (1984)
Picture This (1988)
No Laughing Matter (1988 autobiography)
Closing Time (1994)
Now And Then (1998 autobiography)
Portrait of an Artist, as an Old Man (2000)
Catch As Catch Can: The Collected Stories and Other Writings (2003 stories)

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Jorn said...

Bloom's omission of "Catch 22" is surprising