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Robert Graves

[Wikipedia] b.1895

Over the Brazier (1916 poems)
Goliath and David (1917 poems)
Fairies and Fusiliers (1917 poems)
Treasure Box (1920 poems)
Country Sentiment (1920 poems)
The Pier-Glass (1921 poems)
Whipperginny (1923 poems)
The Feather Bed (1923 poems)
Mock Beggar Hall (1924 poems)
Welchmans Hose (1925 poems)
Poems (1925 poems)
The Marmosites Miscellany (as John Doyle) (1925 poems)
Poems (1914-1927) (1927 poems)
Poems 1929 (1929 poems)
Ten Poems More (1930 poems)
Poems 1926-1930 (1931 poems)
To Whom Else? (1931 poems)
Poems 1930-1933 (1933 poems)
Collected Poems (1938 poems)
No More Ghosts (1940 poems)
Work in Hand, with Norman Cameron and Alan Hodge (1942 poems)
Poems (1943 poems)
Poems 1938-1945 (1945 poems)
Collected Poems (1914-1947) (1948 poems)
Poems and Satires (1951 poems)
Poems 1953 (1953 poems)
Collected Poems 1955 (1955 poems)
Poems Selected by Himself (1957 poems)
The Poems of Robert Graves (1958 poems)
Collected Poems 1959 (1959 poems)
The Penny Fiddle: Poems for Children (1960 poems)
More Poems 1961 (1961 poems)
Collected Poems (1961 poems)
New Poems 1962 (1962 poems)
The More Deserving Cases: Eighteen Old Poems for Reconsideration (1962 poems)
Man Does, Woman Is (1964 poems)
Ann at Highwood Hall: Poems for Children (1964 poems)
Love Respelt (1965 poems)
Collected Poems 1965 (1965 poems)
Seventeen Poems Missing from 'Love Respelt' (1966 poems)
Colophon to 'Love Respelt' (1967 poems)
Poems 1965-1968 (1968 poems)
Poems About Love (1969 poems)
Love Respelt Again (1969 poems)
Beyond Giving (1969 poems)
Poems 1968-1970 (1970 poems)
The Green-Sailed Vessel (1971 poems)
Poems: Abridged for Dolls and Princes (1971 poems)
Poems 1970-1972 (1972 poems)
DeyĆ”, A Portfolio (1972 poems)
Timeless Meeting: Poems (1973 poems)
At the Gate (1974 poems)
Collected Poems 1975 (1975 poems) (Bloom, Ward)
New Collected Poems (1977 poems)
Complete Poems Volume 1 (1995 poems)
Complete Poems Volume 2 (1996 poems)
Complete Poems Volume 3 (1999 poems)
The Complete Poems in One Volume (2000 poems)

My Head! My Head! (1925)
The Shout (1929)
No Decency Left (with Laura Riding) (as Barbara Rich) (1932)
The Real David Copperfield (1934)
I, Claudius (1934) (MLb-14, Friendswood-35, Kunde-53, Utah-66, LJ-70, MLr-74, Koen-97, Waterstones-99, Barger-120, Harvard, Time, sSmith, Sullivan)
Claudius the God and his Wife Messalina (1934) (sSmith)
Antigua, Penny, Puce (1936)
Count Belisarius (1938)
Sergeant Lamb of the Ninth (1940)
Proceed, Sergeant Lamb (1941)
The Story of Marie Powell: Wife to Mr. Milton (1943)
The Golden Fleece (Hercules, My Shipmate) (1945) (sSmith)
King Jesus (1946) (Bloom, sSmith)
Watch the North Wind Rise (Seven Days in New Crete) (1949)
The Islands of Unwisdom (1949)
Homer's Daughter (1955)
Catacrok! Mostly Stories, Mostly Funny (1956 stories)
They Hanged My Saintly Billy (1957)
Collected Short Stories (1964 stories)
An Ancient Castle (1980)
On English Poetry (1922 criticism)
The Meaning of Dreams (1924 nonfiction)
Poetic Unreason and Other Studies (1925 criticism)
Contemporary Techniques of Poetry: A Political Analogy (1925 criticism)
Another Future of Poetry (1926 criticism)
Impenetrability or The Proper Habit of English (1927 criticism)
The English Ballad: A Short Critical Survey (1927 criticism)
Scottish Ballads (1927 criticism)
Lars Porsena or The Future of Swearing and Improper Language (1927 criticism)

A Survey of Modernist Poetry (with Laura Riding) (1927 criticism)

Lawrence and the Arabs. London: Jonathan Cape (1927 biography)

A Pamphlet Against Anthologies (with Laura Riding) (1928 criticism)

Mrs. Fisher or The Future of Humour (1928 criticism)

Good-bye to All That (1929 autobiography) (Harvard, cPunch, MLnf, Connolly)

But It Still Goes On: An Accumulation (1930 nonfiction)

The Long Weekend (with Alan Hodge) (1940 criticism)

The Reader Over Your Shoulder (with Alan Hodge) (1943 criticism)
The White Goddess (1948 nonfiction) (Barger-95)

The Common Asphodel: Collected Essays on Poetry 1922-1949 (1949 criticism)

Occupation: Writer (1950 autobiography)

The Nazarene Gospel Restored (with Joshua Podro) (1953 nonfiction)

The Greek Myths (1955 nonfiction) (Borges)

The Crowning Privilege: The Clark Lectures, 1954-1955 (1955 criticism)

Adam's Rib (1955 nonfiction)

Jesus in Rome (with Joshua Podro) (1957 nonfiction)

Steps (1958 nonfiction)

5 Pens in Hand (1958 criticism)

Food for Centaurs (1960 nonfiction)

Greek Gods and Heroes (Myths of Ancient Greece) (1960 nonfiction)
Oxford Addresses on Poetry (1962 criticism)

The Siege and Fall of Troy (1962 nonfiction)
The Big Green Book (1962 kids)
Hebrew Myths. The Book of Genesis (with Raphael Patai) (1964 nonfiction)

Majorca Observed (1965 nonfiction)

Mammon and the Black Goddess (1965 criticism)

Two Wise Children (1966 kids)

Poetic Craft and Principle (1967 criticism)
The Poor Boy Who Followed His Star (1968 kids)
Greek Myths and Legends (1968 nonfiction)

The Crane Bag (1968 kids)
On Poetry: Collected Talks and Essays (1969 criticism)

Difficult Questions, Easy Answers (1972 criticism)

In Broken Images: Selected Letters 1914-1946 (1982 letters)
Between Moon and Moon: Selected Letters 1946-1972 (1984 letters)
Collected Writings on Poetry (1992 criticism)

Some Speculations on Literature, History, and Religion (2000 essays)

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