Friday, June 15, 2007

Joseph Conrad

[Wikipedia] b.1857

1895 Almayer's Folly
1896 An Outcast of the Islands (Oxford)
1897 The Nigger of the 'Narcissus' (OCLC-493)
1899 Heart of Darkness (Winalotta-20, Radcliffe-21, Utah-25, Gioia1-31, Waterstones-38, Montana-40, MLr-43, Kunde-52, Northport-53, Froggie-55, MLb-67, OCLC-77, Friendswood-79, Madison-81, LJ-92, bPyramid-124, BBC-158, Ukaunz-780, Adler, BPL, StJohns, Smiley, Inspirica, Borges, Oxford, Cannon, Sullivan, cPunch)
1900 Lord Jim (Bloom, Gioia1-58, OCLC-59, Utah-69, MLb-85, Radcliffe-86, Kunde-140, Ukaunz-785, NYPubLib, Oxford, Sullivan, cPunch, Logos)
1901 The Inheritors (with Ford Madox Ford)
1902 Typhoon (Oxford)
1903 Romance (with Ford Madox Ford)
1904 Nostromo (Bloom, Burt-44, MLb-47, Gioia1-47, Barger-92, Kunde-109, Friendswood-129, OCLC-353, Ukaunz-773, Fadiman, Norway, Observer, Sullivan, sSmith)
1907 The Secret Sharer
1907 The Secret Agent (Bloom, MLb-46, Kunde-106, Friendswood-128, Ukaunz-766, Ward, Oxford, Sullivan, Gioia2, Connolly, sSmith)
1911 Under Western Eyes (Bloom, Ward, Oxford, Gioia2, sSmith)
1912 Freya of the Seven Isles
1913 Chance (Oxford)
1915 Victory (Bloom, OCLC-461, Oxford)
1917 The Shadow Line (Ukaunz-732)
1919 The Arrow of Gold
1920 The Rescue
1923 The Nature of a Crime (with Ford Madox Ford)
1923 The Rover
1925 Suspense

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"Victory" seemed pretty worthless to me.