Thursday, June 14, 2007

Vladimir Nabokov

[Wikipedia] b.1899

(1926) Mary
(1928) King, Queen, Knave
(1930) The Defense (Burgess)
(1930) The Eye
(1932) Glory
(1932) Laughter in the Dark
(1936) Despair
(1938) Invitation to a Beheading
(1938) The Gift
(1938) The Waltz Invention (play)
(1941) The Real Life of Sebastian Knight (cPunch)
(1944) Nikolai Gogol (criticism)
(1947) Bend Sinister
(1947) Nine Stories (stories)
(1955) Lolita (Bloom, Piegirl-2, Mesler-3, MLb-4, Kunde-5, bPyramid-5, Friendswood-5, Funsten-9, Radcliffe-11, Barger-16, LJ-17, Froggie-25, Koen-31, Waterstones-31, Montana-32, Madison-32, MLr-34, Utah-35, Northport-46, BOMC, BPL, Fadiman, Harvard, HungryMind, Norway, NYPubLib, Smiley, Time, Burt, Observer, Good, JoCo, Sullivan, cPunch, Logos, Cannon, Hitchers, Barron, Gioia2, BBC-178, OCLC-257, Ukaunz-496)
(1957) Pnin (Barger, Ukaunz-485)
(1958) Nabokov's Dozen (stories)
(1962) Pale Fire (Bloom, Montana-13, Piegirl-17, Barger-25, Gioia1-35, Mesler-45, ML-53, bPyramid-101, Kunde-115, Burgess, Fadiman, Time, Sullivan, Ukaunz-438)
(1963) Notes on Prosody (criticism)
(1964) Eugene Onegin (criticism)
(1966) Nabokov's Quartet (stories)
(1967) Speak, Memory (autobiography) (MLnf, Fadiman, NatRev, Barger)
(1968) Nabokov's Congeries (stories)
(1969) Ada or Ardor: A Family Chronicle (Ward, bPyramid-69, Ukaunz-380)
(1969) Poems and Problems (poems)
(1972) Transparent Things (Barger)
(1973) A Russian Beauty and Other Stories (stories)
(1973) Strong Opinions (criticism) (Barger-14)
(1974) Look at the Harlequins!
(1975) Tyrants Destroyed and Other Stories (stories)
(1976) Details of a Sunset and Other Stories (stories)
(1979) The Nabokov–Wilson Letters
(1980) Lectures on Literature (criticism)
(1981) Lectures on Russian Literature (criticism)
(1983) Lectures on Don Quixote (criticism)
(1984) The Man from the USSR and Other Plays (plays)
(1985) The Enchanter
(1995) The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov (stories)
(2000) Nabokov's Butterflies
(2005) Cloud, Castle, Lake (stories)

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