Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Robertson Davies

[Wikipedia] b.1913 Canada

The Diary of Samuel Marchbanks (1947 essays)
The Table Talk of Samuel Marchbanks (1949 essays)
Samuel Marchbanks' Almanack (1967 essays)
The Papers of Samuel Marchbanks (1985 essays)
Shakespeare's Boy Actors (1939 criticism)
Shakespeare for Young Players: A Junior Course (1942 criticism)
Renown at Stratford (1953 criticism) (with Tyrone Guthrie)
Twice Have the Trumpets Sounded (1954 criticism) (with Tyrone Guthrie)
Thrice the Brindled Cat Hath Mew'd (1955 criticism) (with Tyrone Guthrie)
A Voice From the Attic (1960 criticism)
A Feast of Stephen (1970 criticism)
Stephen Leacock (1970 criticism)
One Half of Robertson Davies (1977 criticism)
The Enthusiasms of Robertson Davies (1979 criticism)
The Well-Tempered Critic (1981 criticism)
The Mirror of Nature (1983 criticism)
Reading and Writing (1993 criticism)
The Merry Heart (1996 criticism)
Happy Alchemy (1997 criticism)

Tempest-Tost (1951 Salterton trilogy)
Leaven of Malice (1954 Salterton trilogy)
A Mixture of Frailties (1958 Salterton trilogy)
Fifth Business (1970 Deptford trilogy) (Bloom, MLr-40, StMarks, Mesler-29, Madison-82, Barger-55)
The Manticore (1972 Deptford trilogy) (Bloom, StMarks, Mesler-29, Barger-55)
World of Wonders (1975 Deptford trilogy) (Bloom, StMarks, Mesler-29, Barger-55)
The Rebel Angels (1981 Cornish trilogy) (Bloom, Burgess)
What's Bred in the Bone (1985 Cornish trilogy)
The Lyre of Orpheus (1988 Cornish trilogy)
Murther and Walking Spirits (1991 Toronto trilogy)
The Cunning Man (1994 Toronto trilogy) (MLr-99)

High Spirits (1982 stories)

Overlaid (1948 play)
Eros at Breakfast (1948 play)
Fortune My Foe (1949 play)
Hunting Stuart (1949 play)
The Voice of the People (1949 play)
At My Heart's Core (1950 play)
A Masque of Aesop (1952 play)
A Jig for the Gypsy (1955 play)
A Masque of Mr. Punch (1963 play)
Question Time (1975 play)
Brothers in the Black Art (1981 play)

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