Thursday, June 14, 2007

Robert Stone

[Wikipedia] b.1937

1967: A Hall of Mirrors
1974: Dog Soldiers (Bloom, Barger-7, Time, cPunch, StMarks, Berres)
1977: A Flag for Sunrise (Bloom, Barger-15, BOMC, cPunch, Berres)
1986: Children of Light (cPunch, Barger-50)
1992: Outerbridge Reach (Barger-58)
1997: Bear and His Daughter (short stories)
1998: Damascus Gate (Barger-88)
2003: Bay of Souls
2007: Prime Green: Remembering the Sixties (autobiography)

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Jorn said...

Stone's prose style is so strong and so subtle his reputation will grow and grow for decades. He seems determined not to repeat himself, though, so his crowdpleasing 'Dog Soldiers' may never be matched.