Wednesday, June 13, 2007

James Dickey

[Wikipedia] b.1923, USA

Into the Stone and Other Poems (1960 poems)
Drowning with Others (1962 poems)
The Suspect in Poetry (1964 criticism)
Helmets (1964 poems)
Two Poems of the Air (1964 poems)
Buckdancer's Choice (1965 poems)
Poems 1957-67 (1967 poems)
Spinning the Crystal Ball: Some Guesses at the Future of American Poetry (1967 criticism)
Babel to Byzantium (1968 criticism)
The Achievement of James Dickey: A Comprehensive Selection of His Poems (1968 poems)
Deliverance (1970) (Madison-36, MLb-42, Barger-49, Kunde-101, Friendswood-120, Time, Sullivan)
The Eye Beaters, Blood, Victory, Madness, Buckhead and Mercy (1970 poems)
Self-Interviews (1970)
The Self as Agent (1970)
Sorties: Journals and New Essays (1971 essays)
Exchanges...: Being in the Form of a Dialogue with Joseph Trumbull Stickney (1971)
Jericho: The South Beheld (1974)
The Zodiac (1976 poems)
God's Images: The Bible: A New Vision (1977)
Veteran Birth: The Gadfly Poems 1947-49 (1978 poems)
The Enemy from Eden (1978)
Tucky the Hunter (1978)
In Pursuit of the Grey Soul (1979)
Head-Deep in Strange Sounds: Free-Flight Improvisations from the unEnglish (1979 poems)
The Strength of Fields (1979 poems)
The Starry Place Between the Antlers: Why I Live in South Carolina (1981)
Falling, May Day Sermon, and Other Poems (1981 poems)
The Early Motion (1981 poems) (Bloom)
The Poet Turns on Himself (1982)
Puella (1982 poems)
Värmland (1982 poems)
Night Hurdling: Poems, Essays, Conversations, Commencements, and Afterwards (1983)
Intervisions (1983 poems)
The Central Motion: Poems 1968-79 (1983 poems) (Bloom)
False Youth: Four Seasons (1983 poems)
For a Time and Place (1983 poems)
Bronwen, The Traw, and the Shape-Shifter: A Poem in Four Parts (1986 poems)
Alnilam (1987)
Wayfarer: A Voice from the Southern Mountains (1988)
The Eagle's Mile (1990 poems)
The Whole Motion: Collected Poems 1949-92 (1992 poems)
To the White Sea (1993)

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Jorn said...

Bloom omits 'Deliverance' (though he seems to classify Dickey as a novelist)