Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Saul Bellow

[Wikipedia] b.1915, USA

Dangling Man (1944) (Ukaunz-573)
The Victim (1947) (Burgess, sSmith, Ukaunz-554)
The Adventures of Augie March (1953) (Bloom, MLb-81, Time, Gioia1-36, Kunde-163, Fadiman, Madison, Good, Mesler2, Sulliven, Ukaunz-516)
Seize the Day (1956) (Bloom, BOMC, Gioia2, Ukaunz-492)
Henderson the Rain King (1959) (MLb-21, Kunde-75, Friendswood-96, Ukaunz-464)
Herzog (1964) (Bloom, Time, HungryMind, Funsten, Fadiman, JoCo, sSmith, Gioia2, Sullivan, Burt-65, Observer-75, Ukaunz-425)
Mosby's Memoirs (1968 stories)
Mr. Sammler's Planet (1970)
Humboldt's Gift (1975) (Burgess, Harvard, Fadiman, Mesler-47, Ukaunz-332)
To Jerusalem and Back (1976 essays)
The Dean's December (1982)
Him with His Foot in His Mouth (1984 stories)
More Die of Heartbreak (1987)
A Theft (1989)
The Bellarosa Connection (1989)
Something to Remember Me By: Three Tales (1991 stories)
It All Adds Up (1994 essays)
Graven Images (1997 essays)
The Actual (1997)
Ravelstein (2000) (bPyramid-158)
Collected Stories (2001)

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