Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jim Harrison

[Wikipedia] b.1937

Wolf: A False Memoir (1971)
A Good Day to Die (1973)
Farmer (1976)
Legends of the Fall (1979 novellas)
Warlock (1981)
Sundog (1984) (Barger)
Dalva (1988)
The Woman Lit By Fireflies (1990 novellas)
Julip (1994 novellas)
The Road Home (1998)
The Beast God Forgot to Invent (2000 novellas)
True North (2004)
The Summer He Didn't Die (2005 novellas)
Returning To Earth (2007)
The Boy Who Ran to the Woods (2000 kids)
Just Before Dark: Collected Nonfiction (1991 nonfiction)
The Raw and the Cooked (1992 nonfiction)
The Raw and the Cooked: Adventures of a Roving Gourmand (2001 nonfiction)
Off to the Side: A Memoir (2002 nonfiction)

Plain Song (1965 poems)
Walking (1967 poems)
Locations (1968 poems)
Outlyer and Ghazals (1971 poems)
Letters to Yesenin (1973 poems)
Returning to Earth (1977 poems)
Selected and New Poems, 1961-1981 (1981 poems)
Natural World: A Bestiary (1982 poems)
The Theory & Practice of Rivers (1986)
The Theory & Practice of Rivers and New Poems (1989 poems)
After Ikkyu and Other Poems (1996 poems)
The Shape of the Journey: New and Collected Poems (1998 poems)
Braided Creek: A Conversation in Poetry (with Ted Kooser) (2003 poems)
Livingston Suite (2005 poems)
Saving Daylight (2006 poems)

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