Friday, June 15, 2007

Toni Morrison

[Wikipedia] b.1931

The Bluest Eye (1970) (LJ-83, Kunde-166, Ukaunz-365, Inspirica)
Sula (1973) (Koen-78, Kunde-16, HungryMind, Berres, Ukaunz-349)
The Black Book (1974 nonfiction)
Song of Solomon (1977) (Bloom, Mesler-10, Madison-19, LJ-50, Radcliffe-25, Kunde-51, HungryMind, BOMC, NYPubLib, Berres, Friendswood-73, Ukaunz-315)
Tar Baby (1981)
Dreaming Emmett (1986 play)
Beloved (1987) (Koen-9, LJ-5, MLr-31, Radcliffe-7, Madison-7, Kunde-17, Friendswood-18, Montana-18, Utah-26, Northport-28, Waterstones-36, HungryMind, Smiley, Time, Utne, Norway, Inspirica, Berres, OCLC-149, Ukaunz-223)
Jazz (1992) (Radcliffe-56, Kunde-120, HungryMind, Berres, Ukaunz-155)
Playing in the Dark (1993 nonfiction)
Paradise (1999)
The Big Box (2002 kids)
The Book of Mean People (2002 kids)
Love (2003)
Who's Got Game?: The Lion or the Mouse? (2003 kids)
Who's Got Game?: The Ant or the Grasshopper, (2003 kids)
Who's Got Game?: Poppy or the Snake?, (2004 kids)
Who's Got Game?: The Mirror or the Glass? (2007 kids)

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