Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Peter Dickinson

[Wikipedia] b.1927

The Glass-Sided Ants' Nest (aka Skin Deep) (1968)
The Weathermonger (1968 kids)
The Old English Peep-Show (aka A Pride of Heroes) (1969)
Heartsease (1969 kids)
The Sinful Stones (aka The Seals) (1970)
The Devil's Children (1970 kids)
Emma Tupper's Diary (1970 kids)
Sleep and His Brother (1971)
The Lizard in the Cup (1972)
The Dancing Bear (1972 kids)
The Green Gene (1973)
The Gift (1973 kids)
The Iron Lion (1973 kids)
The Poison Oracle (1974)
The Lively Dead (1975)
Chance, Luck and Destiny (1975 nonfiction)
The Blue Hawk (1975)
King and Joker (1976)
Walking Dead (1977)
Annerton Pit (1977)
Hepzibah (1978)
One Foot in the Grave (1979)
The Flight of Dragons (1979 kids)
Tulku (1979 kids) (Barger-57)
City of Gold (1980)
A Summer in the Twenties (1981)
The Seventh Raven (1981)
The Last House party (1982)
Hindsight (1983)
Healer (1983 kids)
Death of a Unicorn (1984)
Giant Cold (1984 kids)
Tefuga (1985)
A Box of Nothing (1985 kids)
Perfect Gallows (1987)
Mole Hole (1987 kids)
Eva (1988 kids)
Merlin Dreams (1988 kids)
Skeleton-in-Waiting (1989)
AK (1990)
Play Dead (1992)
A Bone from a Dry Sea (1992)
Shadow of a Hero (1993)
Time and the Clock Mice, Etcetera (1993 kids)
The Yellow Room Conspiracy (1994)
Chuck and Danielle (1996 kids)
The Kin (1998 kids) (aka four-volume series: Suth's Story, Noli's Story, Po's Story, and Mana's Story)
Some Deaths Before Dying (1999)
Touch and Go (1999)
The Lion Tamer's Daughter (1999 kids)
The Ropemaker (2001 kids)
Water: Tales of the Elemental Spirits (With Robin McKinley) (aka Elementals: Water) (2002 kids)
The Tears of the Salamander (2003)
Inside Grandad (2004) (aka The Gift Boat)
Angel Isle, a sequel to The Ropemaker (2006 kids)

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